Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Marketing Your E-Book is not Rocket Science

My inbox keeps getting jammed. They all have the latest "must have" plan or program that will make you or me a best-selling author and earn thousands of dollars a day in passive income. There will be testimonies of writer-entrepreneurs who used the system and now live in luxury in a tropical paradise. All I have to do is purchase their system - or let them coach me - and I too can become a millionaire. But most of it is trash.
E-Book marketing is not rocket science
Book marketing is not rocket science. I know, because I have been an aerospace scientist, a successful marketer, and now an author struggling to sell my own books. I am writing this post to myself, but I invite you to listen in.
The marketing of intellectual property - books, music, art, and training courses - has changed drastically in the past five years as Internet opportunities have flourished. The marketing problem is that creative artists tend to shy away from selling based the distorted image sales. Dan Pink explains in his recent book; "To Sell is Human, The Surprising Truth About Moving Others," explains that, in reality, we are all selling all of the time.
As creators of art, we have to get our arms around a concept of marketing that will work best for us. In essence marketing involves providing our output to people who desire or need what we provide. It is analogous to an on-line dating service. We have created something of value and want to find people who value what we created. Marketing is not us trying to get someone to buy something they do not want. It is letting others know that we have something of value that they may want. That's the concept, now how do we market our product?
The answer is not buying a canned program that someone else once used to make their fortune. If it was so good, why are they   selling it so cheap? Because they can make more money selling the "secret Program" than they do using it to sell their product.
You are unique. There is no one exactly like you. So your method of marketing must be tailored to your particular uniqueness. There are three three things you must identify in order to connect with those who will value your work enough to click the "buy" button.
  1. Know who your are and what you can do.
  2. Know who your ideal client would be and what interests them.
  3. Communicate to your ideal client what you can do for them.
  4. Develop a relationship with potential buyers.
That's it. Marketing your book is merely communicating to your potential customer how your book will meet a desire or need in their life.
Know yourself.

This is often the most difficult problem. You have to know gifts, graces, interests, and abilities. This is where many people, including myself, have failed. You cannot be all things to all people. There is a tendency to cast a large net in order to catch a greater number of clients, enter a larger market, or have a better chance of finding customers. All you are doing is diluting your efforts and the value you provide.
Ask yourself:
   What am I passionate about?
What am I good at?
   How do I want to be remembered?
When you define yourself accurately, you will be able to better  define your audience, the people you must reach with your message.
Know your ideal client.
Knowing who you want to serve, enables you to learn their desires and needs. When you know their desires and needs, you can apply your gifts, graces, interests, and abilities to serve them best. Do not try to be all things to all people in an effort to cast a broader net. Use a rifle rather than a shotgun approach. Studies have shown that focusing sharply is the most effective marketing plan. Be prepared to adapt your product to specific needs of your customer, but do make major changes in who you are. You must remain true to yourself in order to be honest.
In this rapidly changing techno-world there are many forms of communications available. This is the area where you have complete freedom of expression. You can choose from any and all of the following.
Your book itself communicates to your potential reader through its:
       and customer reviews.
In addition you can utilize any number of other media to communicate with readers.
   Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linedin, Pinterest, YouTube, etc
   Website, Blog, Podcasts, etc.
   Your Email List
   Press Release:Newspapers, Television, Radio, etc
   Advertising: Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Social Media, etc.
There are many more opportunities to choose from but you need to choose those that connect with your ideal customer and that work for you.
Building Relationships

Building a relationship with your clients/readers/customers is the key to any marketing plan. There are so many voices out there screaming to be heard, that whatever communications you are using will have a difficult time rising above the noise level. Less than a few percent of those receiving your communications will notice you or act on your offer, unless they have an ongoing relationship with you. Trust takes time to build.
You can build relationships by providing quality products that are useful and helpful to your readers or potential readers. In order to be helpful, you must understand the needs of the people you are trying to serve. Relationships begin with knowing yourself and knowing the people you want to reach and serve.
Your Marketing Plan
Do not go out and buy someone else's canned program. Put together your own marketing plan. Consider each of the following elements in your plan.
1.  Know Yourself
       What do I have to offer to the reader?
       Why am I qualified to write this book?
. Know Your Reader
       What benefit does this book provide to the reader?
       Why does the reader need this book?
       Who is this book written for?
3. Communicate
       What media would my reader be more apt to use?
       What media do I use regularly?
       Select the appropriate media
       Develop your message based upon the book and knowledge of the reader.
4.  Develop Relationships with readers
       Regular emails that are not trying to sell something
       Provide quality content
       Free Book Give-aways
       Free Chapters

    I am interested in your comments or suggestions for book Marketing!


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